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Because of our careers in Music and ministry we have spent the last twelve years in bars, churches, tour buses, counseling sessions, wild parties, prayer circles, and circles of people doing drugs. It's given us a perspective that's too interesting to keep to ourselves, so we write about it on this Blog, and talk about it on this Podcast. Campaigns are projects we are currently working on.

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The Blog

Here we are - BadChristian, unfiltered and real. Like it or not, here are our thoughts, struggles, opinions, frustrations, confessions, and theology. Whether it's about politics, the church, sports, sin, or how much we hate Gamecock football, please join the discussion. We welcome all comments, whether you are rude, nice, right, wrong, interesting, or annoying.

Latest From The Blog

I Judge

If you've been listening to our podcasts lately, you will understand why people accuse us of judging. We've even called out public figures and pastors like Jarrid Wilson. Not all judging is wrong, and God's people need to stop being so concerned about how they appear. If Jesus is the hero, why do we go ape-shit when some one talks bad about us? At the same time, ALL judging needs to be motivated by love. Otherwise, it's a "clanging symbol." But, let's remember: "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid" (Proverbs 12:1). In this week’s post, Joey explores his sinful judging that unfortunately has no "love motivation" at all. Is this sort of judging unavoidable? Natural? Can our love overcome something so intertwined with our sinful nature?

Campaigns - Take Action With Us

This is the stuff we are working on and the stuff we care about. This is your chance to support us if you like what we do.

Our Music

BC Music is an artist-friendly, new-model record company partnering with hard-working artists to provide creative, forward-thinking consultation and services to promote, release, and connect their music to fans. We aim to embody the honesty and community-minded, blue-collar work ethic of the original indie label, while competitively releasing music that we love in a post-modern music economy.


Honest conversation from Matt, Toby, Joey and guests. We say a lot of stupid stuff for sure, but good or bad, this is how we really talk. We cover everything from Emery road experiences to our family lives and struggles. We also dive head first into deep and personal interviews with our guests.

BCPOD 10 Luke Rodgers

Luke Rodgers, brother of NFL great, Aaron Rodgers, and old friend of the guys joins the show. Luke has been on the road with Emery and knows the inside dirt of the music biz as well as lots of inside stories about professional sports. On this episode he shares some of both.

BCPOD 9 Jarrid Wilson

Pastor Jarrid Wilson join the podcast for a showdown with Toby, who was talking smack in a previous episode. Joey and Matt talk about evolution, and the guys go through some current news stories.

BCPOD 8 BC Listeners Peter and Evan

Matt, Toby and Joey do their thing on this BONUS episode. BadChristian listeners and supporters Peter and Evan join the show to debate Christian political involvement and talk music and relationships.

BCPOD 7 | Melissa Hamm

Our first female guest! Melissa Hamm is a listener and BadChristian supporter. Her father was a youth pastor. He also lived a double life, was physically abusive to her, and his infidelities and sexual indiscretions split his family apart. Melissa is very open and candid about her story and also brings a great sense of humor along with her pain.

BCPOD 6 Joel Green

Emery's former bassist Joel Green (Chopper) joins the show and tells the real story about how and why he left the band, and why he is not a Christian anymore.

BCPOD 5 Geoff Surratt

How it sucks to get old, Matt's morbid plan to help suicidal folks, and pastoral sexual affairs. The guys talk to church leader, Pastor Geoff Surratt about these things & more. Pastor Geoff is an author, blogger, and helped innovate multi-site church planting, & worked on staffs with Pastors Rick Warren & Greg Surratt.

BCPOD 4 Chris Dudley

On this week's podcast we get to talk with our old friend Chris Dudley from Underoath. We have a lot of laughs as he talks about the good old days, figuring out life while being in a hugely successful band, and his life after Underoath. Chris is honestly the nicest fella you could ever meet and although we try as hard as we can to dirty up his story, we just end up realizing that this dude is just a sweetheart. Hope you enjoy it.

BCPOD 3 Master Nate

Joey tells a story about a funny feeling in his pants, and the guys talk about the reaction to the masturbation post. Guest; Master Nate, a Hip Hop artist from Alabama, joins the show to talk about Tupac and the church.

BCPOD 2 Logan Cael

Toby’s vasectomy, bad "cuss" words, and getting drunk are the topics up for discussion on this one. Also, Emery’s former roadie, Logan Cael (an atheist) joins the discussion about spirituality. While we do find some of these “drunk stories” funny and entertaining, we do not endorse drunkenness or any form of alcohol abuse.

BCPOD 1 Matt MacDonald

The guys talk about bands drinking at Christian festivals, being politically agnostic, and what its like being on tour with Emery. Matt MacDonald is the lead singer of The Classic Crime and an old friend who has toured with Emery on many occasions.