Because of our careers in Music and ministry we have spent the last twelve years in bars, churches, tour buses, counseling sessions, wild parties, prayer circles, and circles of people doing drugs. It's given us a perspective that's too interesting to keep to ourselves, so we write about it on this Blog, and talk about it on this Podcast. Campaigns are projects we are currently working on.

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The Blog

Here we are - BadChristian, unfiltered and real. Like it or not, here are our thoughts, struggles, opinions, frustrations, confessions, and theology. Whether it's about politics, the church, sports, sin, or how much we hate Gamecock football, please join the discussion. We welcome all comments, whether you are rude, nice, right, wrong, interesting, or annoying.

Latest From The Blog

Sin May Not Be As Big of a Deal As It Is To You

What do you think God is more "concerned" about? His children sinning or his children not having a close relationship with Him? Man, talk about a heavy hitting question! Recently, the guys at BadChristian opened this question up to readers and listeners to gauge what folks thought was really, really important to God. In this weeks post, Joey shares some responses and whether he thinks sin is really a "big deal" or not.

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BC Music is an artist-friendly, music co-operative partnering with hard-working artists. We aim to embody the honesty and work ethic of the original indie label, while competitively releasing music that we love in a post-modern music economy. Submit your band for consideration at


Honest conversation from Matt, Toby, Joey and guests. We say a lot of stupid stuff for sure, but good or bad, this is how we really talk. We cover everything from Emery road experiences to our family lives and struggles. We also dive head first into deep and personal interviews with our guests.

#65 Cory Brandan from Norma Jean

Cory from Norma Jean joins the podcast! The guys talk with Cory about how he came to be the frontman of Norma Jean, life on the road, struggling with depression, and a car accident that nearly took his daughter's life last month. You don't want to miss this interview! For more information on how you can help Sara during her recovery, please visit: Sponsors: Harry's Razors: (use the promo code: "bcpod") X3Watch: The Grandfather:

#64 BC LIVE from Charleston, SC

The final episode in the BC LIVE series comes to you from Charleston, SC and Joey is still peeing blood. The guys get rowdy in another living room with Jack Hoey, ministor of research and theology at Seacoast Church. They also talk about an elementary school that's conducting poop inspections on their students... for real. Sponsors: The Notionaries: The Grandfather: Asyla: SOS Studios:

#63 Dustin Kensrue – Thrice

Dustin Kensrue joins the podcast to talk about his new record "Carry The Fire" which comes out on April 21st. He and the guys also talk about Thrice, the relationship between faith and art, and Dustin's time at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Most importantly, the guys hash out their feelings about "50 Shades of Grey." Sponsors: X3Watch - We Are The City - / Wild Earth - Least of These -

BONUS CONTENT:: Sing My Welcome Home – “A Day Is Coming”

Enjoy some bonus content from BC Music band PACIFIC GOLD! This is the first episode of their brand new podcast called "Sing My Welcome Home" and it features the song "A Day Is Coming" from Pacific Gold's new album. You can pre-order this album at starting February 23rd!

#62 BC LIVE from Atlanta feat. Nick Pilch (Air Force Combat-Photographer)

Pastor Joey is loaded on pain killers for this BC LIVE episode from Atlanta! The guys take questions from the audience, and interview their friend Nick Pilch - a former combat-photographer in the Air Force. He opens up about his struggles with PTSD, alcoholism, and what it was like to face 65 years in prison during a nasty military divorce in which he was accused of rape, sodomy, and abuse. Sponsors: The Notionaries: / Hearts Like Lions: The Grandfather: SOS Studios:

#61 Donald Miller – author of Scary Close, Blue Like Jazz, etc.

New York Times Best-Selling author, public speaker, and founder of the Storyline Blog - Donald Miller joins the podcast! He talks about life after Blue Like Jazz, his journey to finding true intimacy, and his new book "Scary Close." Sponsors: Prayer Notebook App: X3Watch: The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating: Citizens & Saints:

#60 – BC LIVE from Nashville feat. Aaron Lunsford from As Cities Burn

Drummer of As Cities Burn, former Emery tour manager, victim of broken femur syndrome, and a man with such a foul-mouth that it rivals our own Toby Morrell - AARON LUNSFORD joins the podcast for an interview LIVE in Nashville, TN. Put on your best hipster costume, ride your vintage motorcycle down to Barista Parlor, and sip on your fair-trade, organic, pour-over, $15 cup of coffee while listening to this episode. Sponsors: BAD APPLE RECORDS - LEAST OF THESE - THE GRANDFATHER - SOS STUDIOS -

#59 Aaron Gillespie – Underoath, The Almost, Paramore

Ask and you shall recieve! Singer, songwriter, drummer, and all around rad dude, Aaron Gillespie joins the podcast to talk about his new record "Grace Through The Wandering." We also dive into the details surrounding his departure from Underoath, and we talk about his new gig playing drums for the Grammy-nominated rock band Paramore. Sponsors: X3Watch: Aaron Gillespie:

#58 BC LIVE from Indianapolis feat. Dave Powell from Emery

Emery's drummer Dave Powell joins us to talk about the new record and his hatred of interviews. We also answer questions from members of the audience, and we DEFINITELY, DO NOT, make fun of Joey's kidney stones. Sponsors: "The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating" by Andy Stanley The Grandfather Wild Earth SOS Studios

#57 Les and Tanner from the Reformed Pubcast

Les and Tanner have a podcast called The Reformed Pubcast where they talk theology and beer. Since that is a ton of fun, and stuff we like to do we thought we would have them on our show. We discuss alcohol use and spend quite a bit of time trying to get a grip on what predestination means and if its true. Sponsors: Casper: x3 Watch: