Because of our careers in Music and ministry we have spent the last twelve years in bars, churches, tour buses, counseling sessions, wild parties, prayer circles, and circles of people doing drugs. It's given us a perspective that's too interesting to keep to ourselves, so we write about it on this Blog, and talk about it on this Podcast. Campaigns are projects we are currently working on.

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The Blog

Here we are - BadChristian, unfiltered and real. Like it or not, here are our thoughts, struggles, opinions, frustrations, confessions, and theology. Whether it's about politics, the church, sports, sin, or how much we hate Gamecock football, please join the discussion. We welcome all comments, whether you are rude, nice, right, wrong, interesting, or annoying.

Latest From The Blog

That’s a Hell of a Thing to Say

Sometimes as Christians, we tend to focus on a lot of things that have nothing to to with Jesus and his amazing grace. This can be especially true when we're talking to someone who is a non-believer. For those of you who do this often, do talks of fire and brimstone ever seem to scare the person into believing in Jesus and trusting in Him? In this week's post, Toby discusses a topic that had him scared as hell (literally) as a child - Hell.

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This is the stuff we are working on and the stuff we care about. This is your chance to support us if you like what we do.

Our Music

BC Music is an artist-friendly, new-model record company partnering with hard-working artists to provide creative, forward-thinking consultation and services to promote, release, and connect their music to fans. We aim to embody the honesty and community-minded, blue-collar work ethic of the original indie label, while competitively releasing music that we love in a post-modern music economy.


Honest conversation from Matt, Toby, Joey and guests. We say a lot of stupid stuff for sure, but good or bad, this is how we really talk. We cover everything from Emery road experiences to our family lives and struggles. We also dive head first into deep and personal interviews with our guests.

BCPOD 24 Kevin Max of DC Talk

Joey shares how he almost ruined an Indian arranged wedding in which he led the ceremony, and Kevin Max joins the show and talks about what it was like pioneering the alternative Christian music industry. He also opens up about his divorce in a great interview.

BCPOD 23 Ex-Muslim Naeem Fazal

Naeem tells his story of growing up Muslim in Kuwait during the first Gulf War, how his brother became a Christian, and then the insane circumstances in which he met Jesus himself. Naeem has a book called Ex-Muslim and is the pastor at Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC.

BCPOD 22 Dave Bazan of Pedro the Lion

Dave Bazan, one of the biggest influences of Emery and favorite artist of Matt, Toby and Joey hangs out for an extended interview and explains exactly why he is no longer a Christian, what doing living room shows is like and much more.

BCPOD 21 Stephen Christian of Anberlin

Stephen is the lead singer of Anberlin. We talk about the end of Anberlin, and tell stories about touring together. Stephen opens up about being propositioned by a female Christian radio host at the Gospel Music Awards, the temptations of the road, and some of his failures that accompanied.

BCPOD 20 Jay Bakker

Jay Bakker is the son of Jim and Tammy Bakker. From PTL's fall to his opinion on his dad's innocent intentions to his opinion about homosexuality and the authenticity of the bible, this episode has plenty of polarizing topics.

BCPOD 19 Sexual Abuse Victim “Chip”

Our friend "Chip" opens up and shares his experiences with sexual abuse. He had been warped sexually by being taken advantage of at 8 years old, immediately sending him in a downward spiral of sexual perversion that even led to him molesting his own sister. We are proud of Chip for sharing and even more proud of Jesus for forgiving, redeeming and using Chip for counseling others. We’re confident that this story will mean as much to you as it does to us.

BCPOD 18 Former Porn Star- Brittni Ruiz

Brittni Ruiz is an amazing example of the redemptive power of Jesus. She was a delight to talk to. She has an incredible grasp on what it means to be forgiven and to not live in condemnation. She shares her experiences in the porn industry with bold transparency.

BCPOD 17 A Gay Christian and His Pastor

This week we have two guests on the podcast. Dan and Brent. They are great friends. Dan is a pastor in Colorado who thinks that we are asking the wrong question when we say, “Is homosexuality a sin?” Brent is a gay man currently in a monogamous relationship of 13 years who was led back to Christ through Dan’s ministry.

BCPOD 16 Brad Morris, corrupt politician and addict

Brad Morris, a Sunday school teacher and politician embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for his drug habit, was a moment away from suicide, went to prison, and now joins the podcast to tell the story.

BCPOD 15 Ryan Downey

Ryan Downey joins the show to talk about his exclusive interview with Tim Lambesis. He and the gang talk about a host of issues surrounding the case, steroids, murder, God, atheism, journalism and more.