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Because of our careers in Music and ministry we have spent the last twelve years in bars, churches, tour buses, counseling sessions, wild parties, prayer circles, and circles of people doing drugs. It's given us a perspective that's too interesting to keep to ourselves, so we write about it on this Blog, and talk about it on this Podcast. Campaigns are projects we are currently working on.

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The Blog

Here we are - BadChristian, unfiltered and real. Like it or not, here are our thoughts, struggles, opinions, frustrations, confessions, and theology. Whether it's about politics, the church, sports, sin, or how much we hate Gamecock football, please join the discussion. We welcome all comments, whether you are rude, nice, right, wrong, interesting, or annoying.

Latest From The Blog

Halloween: A Christian Perspective (Sort Of)

Halloween: to celebrate, or not to celebrate? This is easily one of the most important questions any Christian will face in his or her lifetime, right? Keep reading and you'll see that Joey thinks we may have more important issues to worry about. In the meantime, let's discuss an actual important issue - fruit candy or chocolate candy? Share your thoughts below!

Campaigns - Take Action With Us

This is the stuff we are working on and some stuff we sell. This is your chance to support us if you like what we do.

Our Music

BC Music is an artist-friendly, new-model record company partnering with hard-working artists to provide creative, forward-thinking consultation and services to promote, release, and connect their music to fans. We aim to embody the honesty and community-minded, blue-collar work ethic of the original indie label, while competitively releasing music that we love in a post-modern music economy.


Honest conversation from Matt, Toby, Joey and guests. We say a lot of stupid stuff for sure, but good or bad, this is how we really talk. We cover everything from Emery road experiences to our family lives and struggles. We also dive head first into deep and personal interviews with our guests.

BCPOD 41 Brandon Ebel founder of Tooth and Nail Records

Brandon and Joey Talk about all the old Tooth and Nail bands that Toby and Matt have never heard of, Brandon recounts wanting to sign Emery only after they lost weight and bought some decent clothes, and Toby and Matt explain why they foolishly turned down a giant amount of money from Brandon only to re-sign later for a much smaller deal.

BCPOD 40 JT from Hawthorne Heights

JT Woodruff is the singer and songwriter for Hawthorne Heights. He is good friends with Matt and Toby and comes on the show to talk about screamo, the tragic loss of their bandmate Casey Calvert and how Steven Christian from Anberlin gets so mad when he loses at basketball that he throws his shoes at the wall.

BCPOD 39 Mike Hranica from The Devil Wears Prada

Mike joins the show to talk tour stories, pranks, drinking to loosen up before shows and touring with Satanic bands.

BCPOD 38 Dan Haseltine from Jars of Clay

Dan from Jars of Clay comes on to discuss the controversy about his comments on gay marriage. Toby explains that his wife has breast cancer. Matt helps us understand the ambiguity of reality itself, and Joey continues to be a fat pastor. Also, news with Toby.

BCPOD 37 Rick Bezet, Pastor of the fastest growing church in America

Pastor Rick Bezet is the pastor of New Life Church, which was ranked the fastest growing church in the America. We get the chance to ask him about the potential failures of the mega church system and about smoking weed and playing golf as well as his new book, "Be Real."

BCPOD 36 Tyler Polumbus of the Washington Redskins

Tyler Polumbus is an offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins and a BadChristian and Emery fan. He answers questions about being in the NFL and the ramble on and interrupt each other as usual.

BCPOD 35 Live from a Sacramento Living Room

This is the 4th and final live podcast from our 1st run of living room dates. We will be doing more in the future because they are fun. Sacramento was the rowdiest party crowd of the tour. It was a blast and they had some good questions as well.

BCPOD 34 Craig Gross of XXX Church

Craig comes on to hang out and talk about the girls and guys he is freinds with in the porn indusrty, why he hates Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, and his new book, Go Small. Visit www.craiggross.com

BCPOD 33 LIVE from a Chico, CA Living Room

This is the 3rd of 4 live episodes from our recent living room podcast tour. Chico was the smallest show of the bunch but was still a ton of fun.


Lecrae stops by to talk about his new album Anomaly and what it is like to hang out with real world hip hop artists that many Christians say he should stay away from. Lecrae talks about some personal stuff that he is just now revealing on this album, and why its the responsibility of parents, not artists, what kids are exposed to.