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Because of our careers in Music and ministry we have spent the last twelve years in bars, churches, tour buses, counseling sessions, wild parties, prayer circles, and circles of people doing drugs. It's given us a perspective that's too interesting to keep to ourselves, so we write about it on this Blog, and talk about it on this Podcast. Campaigns are projects we are currently working on.

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The Blog

Here we are - BadChristian, unfiltered and real. Like it or not, here are our thoughts, struggles, opinions, frustrations, confessions, and theology. Whether it's about politics, the church, sports, sin, or how much we hate Gamecock football, please join the discussion. We welcome all comments, whether you are rude, nice, right, wrong, interesting, or annoying.

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Our Music

BC Music is an artist-friendly, new-model record company partnering with hard-working artists to provide creative, forward-thinking consultation and services to promote, release, and connect their music to fans. We aim to embody the honesty and community-minded, blue-collar work ethic of the original indie label, while competitively releasing music that we love in a post-modern music economy.


Honest conversation from Matt, Toby, Joey and guests. We say a lot of stupid stuff for sure, but good or bad, this is how we really talk. We cover everything from Emery road experiences to our family lives and struggles. We also dive head first into deep and personal interviews with our guests.

#51 Jeremy Spring of Abandon Kansas

Jeremy makes a great addition to the show for two reasons. One, because he has great rapport with the guys since being on tour with them and two, because he has some really heavy and troubling stuff going on in his head and he talks very openly about it. Marriage, addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, failure and being a pastors kid all play into what he is dealing with and writing about on the new Abandon Kansas album.

#50 Jen Smith- The Unveiled Wife

Jen Smith is a female blogger and writer at www.unveiledwife.com who dedicates her time to encourage women to be the best wife they can be by sharing openly her personal experiences and biblical principles. She speaks openly about her sex life and troubles she has had in her marriage.

#49 Derek Webb

After Toby did some major trash talking, and downright criticism of Derek Webb on a previous episode, the guys now have the chance to talk to him man to man on the show. We discussed the need for and the reasons not to be open and transparent on the internet. Needless to say, BC is not quite on the same page as Derek, but Derek's positions are well thought out and respectable. Enjoy. This show is brought to you by www.audiblepodcast.com/bcpod visit today for your free audiobook.

#48 Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer discusses being a woman, a Christian, a lesbian, and a performer. She talks about her book and her new album as well.

#47 Rob Sweitzer from mae

Mae keyboardist Rob Sweitzer walks us through quitting mae, spiraling into depression, going through a divorce, and attempting suicide. His vulnerability here is amazing. Rob has a new project called My God, It's Full of Stars. Please go support his crowd funding campaign right now. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/my-god-it-s-full-of-stars-m29-ep

#46 Godless and Chuck from Metalsucks.net

Matt and Toby recently sat down at the MetalSucks podcast studio and had an unformatted convo in which they discussed weather or not Christian Metal is legit, or just a gimmick to make money, and also if God is real or just a gimmick to control people and spread hate. Please go listen to the first half of the convo on their podcast before this episode as it will make more sense. This episode is the second half of the convo. http://www.metalsucks.net/2014/11/17/76-matt-toby-bad-christian-podcast-emery/

#45 Tedsashii

On this episode rapper Tedashii joins the guys. This conversation is no holds barred. So get ready to laugh, cry, and ask yourself is Snoop Dog's style silky. This episode is brought to you by www.Harrys.com.

#44 Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red

Jake comes on the show to hang out and tell some tour stories, talk about heavy music, explain what Heart Support is and he also gets mad when talking about church. Check out our new book, The M Word, for free www.badchristian.com/themword

#43- The M Word, Teresa tells her story of sex addiction infidelity and porn

Teresa is one of the women who wrote an autobiographical chapter in our new ebook, The M Word. She tells her story and gives insight to issues of sexuality that many women face.

BCPOD 42 Lacey Sturm formerly of Flyleaf

The day Lacey Sturm planned to kill herself was the day her grandmother forced her to go to church, a place Lacey thought was filled with hypocrites, fakers, and simpletons. Lacey joins the show to talk about her book, The Reason and add a much needed female perspective.